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Marine traffic vessel tracking by Siitech

SiiTech is one of the leaders providing innovative products and solutions which allows organizations to integrate AIS technology, charts, web road maps, and Web technology for tracking of the marine traffic.


Siitech approach creates a Web-based platform within AIS technology and charts/maps may be merged together with no compromise so that all users have everything at their fingertips. They are devoted to using the latest AIS technologies and Web technologies to make unique products and services for theirs consumer base.

AIS marine traffic monitoring system assists which is web-based allows to competent authorities to:

  • Catch in range and identify AIS equipped ships
  • Track AIS targets
  • The system may Send messages to AIS equipped ships
  • The platform may Receive messages from vessel that are AIS equipped
  • Create sophisticated reports
  • Alert notifications
  • Investigate accidents (the unlimited history replay function)
  • Find and identify AIS equipped vessels at the earliest stage of arriving and departing
  • Obtain Actual Berth Time
  • Calculate an ETA to any desired point or points
  • It can make decisions in operational actions
Siitech fleet monitoring

AIS AtoN Management is web-based on SiiTech AIS Server and SiiTech Web VTS products and provides an available AtoN management system for AtoN support authorities.
The system of management which is also based on Internet AIS AtoN assists AtoN support authorities to:

  • Control location and status of AIS AtoN in real time
  • AtoN may build a guardian zone around it
  • Alerts guardian zone violation notifications
  • Control moving history of AIS equipped vessels around AtoN
  • Exploring accidents (the unlimited history replay function)
  • Create sophisticated reports about movements of AIS equipped vessels around AtoN

The Siitech’s solutions supports S57 and BSB nautical charts, Open Street, Virtual Earth and Web Google maps and is a good solution for vessel tracking.