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Real time Fleet Monitorng by Shipping Explorer

Shipping Explorer is a fleet management system which offers its customers real time vessel tracking for free and an advanced license that provides more features to the user. Shipping Explorer fleet management system is a good application for AIS live fleet monitoring based on Windows operating system.

Features of Shipping Explorer:

  • Notifications – users have the opportunity to draw an area on the map and once the chosen vessel cross that area the user willreceive a notification via e-mail or SMS on his mobile phone.
  • Comprehensive information for vessels – choosing a vessel on the live map is going to show the users live and detailed information about the vessel such as its size, type, speed, destination and many others. It is also possible to users to see a photo of the ship if is being uploaded.
  • Shipping Explorer Fleet Management SystemAdditional information – users can also find further details about the chosen vessel. They can check when the vessel is built, who is operating her and much more.
  • Statistics for the Ports – user might see comprehensive statistics of a port. Users can check what is the best time and day to arrive to Amsterdam for example or may be what kind of vessels are there most.
  • Port Traffic – users may check which vessels had arrived and had left on a particular day.
  • Speed Graph – while users are monitoring the specified vessels they can also see when a vessels slowed down or even moored with the handy Speed Graph.
Shipping Explorer Fleet Management System

Tools of Shipping Explorer:

  • Calculator of the route – users may easily plan their ship’s route by drawing its path on the AIS live map created for fleet management. The fleet monitoring application shows the users when their vessel is going to arrive at route points and what is the approximate quantity of the fuel consumed.
  • Sea weather conditions – users can check the current weather conditions of all large seas. A map overlay with wind or waves might be also shown.
  • Port weather conditions – users can see what are the current and upcoming weather conditions consisting temperature, wind, pressure, all available for nearly all of their covered ports.
  • Measure tool – users may quickly evaluate a distance among 2 points or check how many vessels are in a specific radius around them just using a ruler.
Shipping Explorer fleet monitoring of marine traffic

Usability of Shipping Explorer:

  • Navigation Aids – the real time fleet management application may show dock numbers, routes, buoys and spaces for mooring for available places.
  • Many filters – all they can assist the users to see only ships of a particular kind. Much more dynamic filters were engaged such as the filter “Destinations”. This and many other filters may be found right next to the fleet management map for real time marine traffic.
  • Direction vectors and coordinate grid – users may optionally view the map with the vessel’s name and direction vector (to check where they’re going to) showed on them. Additionally users may enable a coordinate grid on the map.
  • Distinct maps and satellite photos – with this application for real time AIS live fleet monitoring users have lots of map services to choose from. Users may use Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or their native map. Some of the services can also secure satellite snapshots.