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Ship Finder monitoring of the marine traffic

Ship Finder

Highly rated Ship Finder is application for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone has released as a new free web application for desktop users. Particular features created for the new web application are including – historical playback of ship sailings and “Sail Me” using Google Earth. The live marine traffic data is in real time and received through network of receivers all over the globe.

Ship Finder applications have been a firm favourite with users all over the globe since 2009 and secure key visual data through mobile devices. Since 2009 the private-owned radar receiver network has increased considerably – especially in the USA and Europe – and many areas of the globe are now covered.

Ship Finder vessel tracking of the marine traffic

A little development firm Pinkfroot Limited are engaged to client service and have created the new Shipfinder.co web application in response to client demand. Following the good transition of Plane Finder to the webspace, from Pinkfroot have listened to the lots of requests for a Ship Finder service for those people that have no mobile devices. So long as their business is concentrated on mobile applications, they are glad to bring Ship Finder to a new audience and they hope that many website customers are also going to accept their mobile apps in the future.

The technology behind the web application has also permitted Pinkfroot to represent some advanced features like:

Playback – pick a date, time and position to replay marine traffic on the Google map. This might be a main event like vessel running aground, to monitor port traffic or to review a yacht race.

Ship Finder is accessible for mobile devices in the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace and Windows Phone Marketplace.

Ship Finder does no secure real time “virtual radar” AIS maps. It’s simple to use and is a good application for anyone interested in fleet monitoring and observing vessel movements and the marine traffic, cruising and sailing in ports and positions all over the world. It’s also very useful if users need to know what type vessels are out there or want to see where their friends and family are.

Ship Finder fleet monitoring

Ship Finder features include:

  • Fleet monitoring
  • Vessel itinerary trails
  • Search by ship name
  • Vessels database like – ship name, port of registration, destination, estimated time of arrival
  • Technical information as – MMSI number, IMO number, callsign , heading, length of the vessel, width of the vessel, draft

Ship Finder is working by picking up AIS vessel feeds used by all passenger ships, ships more than 300 tons and increasingly smaller pleasure craft vessels. This system is actually faster than radar technology and is used directly by ships for navigation and especially for avoiding collisions in the marine traffic.