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Lloyd’s List AIS Tracking

Lloyd’s List has one of the biggest land based AIS network which is receiving approximately 60 million position reports every day and has nearly 70,000 ships in its database. Mid-ocean satellite AIS coverage.

Lloyd's List

Lloyd’s List Intelligence has also one of the biggest global network of land based AIS receivers reporting on more than 6,500 ports and terminals in more than 130 countries. Every day Lloyd’s List Intelligence company receives nearly 60 million position reports from the fleet of more than 70,000 active ships. Further vessels’ coverage of mid-ocean and poorly populated regions is secured by satellite AIS reports.

All AIS information is viewed in context with the ship movement information received through agent reports, and linked directly with the ship and ownership details in their database.

For all ships reporting via Lloyd’s List’s AIS network, the last position is secured as, name of the place where the vessel is located, date time, declared destination, latitude and longitude, vessel’s speed and course over the ground.

AIS data for single or multiple ships is also available via the chart based interface.

The data shown might be filtered by attributes like distinct ship, type, flag size. Screen controls permit the users to view a required sea zone or to zoom down to the level of particular berths within a port. At high enlargement the icons presenting ships are scaled according to ship size to simplify visual identification of commercial ships, tugs boats and other traffic.

By clicking on the chart ship position secures direct access to the comprehensive ship characteristics and ownership data for that ship. Display options also give the opportunity for historical ship tracks to be viewed.

Historical AIS data is also gathered within the system. Real-time AIS information is processed and packed to record the date and time, the length and the space to the closest port and whether the ship is stationary, approaching or leaving away from the port. This historical record is highly useful to determine ship routing when a ship is in transit. The processed AIS sightings also secure comprehensive details of a ship’s proximity to ports that it passes but doesn’t enter.

Lloyd's List Intelligence AIS tracking system

What is Lloyd’s List Intelligence?

Lloyd’s List Intelligence has editorial resources, contacts and expertise to put nominally unrelated events into context and help its customers evaluate the impact on their business

The company assists its customers to take the right decision with clear-sighted analysis, precise and unbiased reporting and over all the capacity to cut to the heart of the problem.

Every one of the 8 major sectors Lloyd’s focuses on a core market sector & secures searchable online entrance to a full view of the market:

  • Containers
  • Dry Cargo
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Ports & Logistics
  • Regulation
  • Ship Operation
  • Tankers

Lloyd’s List Intelligence subscription includes:

  • A comprehensive business resource made to keep its customers out in front:
    • Full and unrestricted admittance to Lloydslist
      • 1.Market data includes:
        • Baltic Exchange Dry Bulk
        • Clarkson’s Tanker and rates of the freight derivatives
        • Casualty news and much more reports every day
      • 2.Full admittance to the searchable archive, dating back to 1991, with completely functional search & improved search options
      • 3.Breaking maritime news for accidents and marine traffic, analysis & comment on the industry that might be broken down by sector, data type and geographic filters
    • Daily e-mails with titles and article summaries – informing its customers with breaking daily news
    • Make personalised live updates – chosen particular information from the whole Lloyd’s List coverage, by including users’ selection into My Lloyd’s List
    • Users choice of e-alerts – weekly e-mail notifications to assure that their customers never miss a significant development in the market sector or areas that interests them
    • Particular features written by Lloyd’s List’s expert editorial personnel on the subjects of topical and commercial interest to the shipping industry
    • Coverage from Lloyd’s Shipping Economist. All the important economic information customers need consisting of fundamental coverage of financials, equities and derivatives, tanker fleet delivery charts, sailings and rates and cargo actions by vessel type and area
    • The daily e-Paper – which is a fully searchable PDF format of every daily edition of the Lloyd’s List newspaper. It includes all photos, charts and adverts
    • RSS or Twitter feeds so Lloyd’s List’s customers might keep in touch with the important shipping news on their mobile devices