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Satellite vessel tracking by Fleetmon Explorer

Fleetmon is a necessary tool for the maritime logistics activities. Charterers, managers and agents can easily check ships arrivals and port calls, port authorities can observe the naval traffic and can optimize scheduling, workflows and business activities.

Fleet Mon

Fleetmon provides them with:

  • information for the ships in real-time information
  • vessels’ speed,
  • navigational status,
  • ships’ dimensions,
  • their destination and estimated time of arrival

Follow your fleet, globally via Satellite with FleetMon

The Standard ship tracking with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) is technically limited only to near-shore conditions. Ships are going to be lost out of view when they sail to the open seas or regions which are not covered by AIS. The only means to track your vessels everywhere on the globe is by satellite – Fleetmon Satellite Tracking is a simple and affordable solution for ships of all sizes.

There is a small transponder device which is fixed on the ship and sends out GPS position messages via satellite. Ship position and status information would be easily followed and analyzed with Fleetmon fleet monitoring software. Worldwide satellite positioning and high-resolution AIS data are seamlessly combined in a single view for your whole fleet, providing you always with good available information.

FleetMon vessel tracking

There is also and Fleetmon Satellite mobile. You have all your vessels’ positions always at hand – on iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry, iPads and other smartphones and tablets.
Fleetmon Sat Tracking offers in addition a long-term track archive, ships’ speed profiles and other useful tools for following and performance assessment.

There is another positive side – Satellite tracking does not need to blow your budget – it might be as affordable as the plan of your mobile phone! We will show you how you can quickly enjoy the comfort of knowing where your vessels are – anytime and anywhere.

The Satellite Transponder devices

Vessel tracking by Satellite devices are completely self-contained units. The compact design allows them to be easily installed in minutes. What is more important: The device does not depend or interfere with any existing electronical equipment. It does not even requires an external power supply! Powered by 4 “off-the-shelf” AA 1.5V lithium batteries that provide up to 3-4 years of battery life, the device removes the need to buy expensive proprietary batteries for replacement. The device utilizes motion sensors, GPS position reporting and external sensors to gather and transmit asset status data. Each unit is custom configured in few minutes to track its asset’s specific requirements and provide intermediate and emergency alerts – Fleetmon marine traffic.