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ExactEarth Satellite AIS tracking system

ExactEarth is a leader in the field of wolrdwide AIS fleet monitoring, collecting more vessel monitoring information and providing the best quality data to users all over the world. Their information is improving the marine domain awareness for governments and merchant organisations, despite tracking a single ship or tracking large, unwired ocean regions.

exactEarth Satellite

Compared to other Satellite AIS providers, exactEarth secures a complete range of services to improve the worth of exactAIS, like in-house expert software teams, personalized Data feeds, a global sales and maintenance organization, and a 24 X 7 centre for monitored Operations.

Why exactly Satellite AIS?

AIS, which is a RF-based communications technology, was never made for reception of signals from aerospace, but Satellite AIS considerably reaches the range of the original system and makes lots new application possibilities for qualified marine authorities. Visibility range is considerably improved using Satellite AIS, making enlarged marine situational awareness well outside the fifty nautical mile scope from the coast.

Vessel tracking system of marine traffic by ExactEarth

exactEarth Satellite AIS

exactEarth has created a unique system that might gather, process, distribute and archive AIS messages obtained from vessels all over the globe just by using a global satellite technology and a patented personalized Satellite AIS detection syste.

exactEarth is deploying a constellation of little satellites that orbit the Earth in a north-south way, constantly crossing over distinct regions as the planet rotates. The satellites makes 1 orbit in 90 to 100 minutes. From their priority point 650 km over the Earth’s surface, the spacecraft have a “field of view” nearly 5,000 km in diameter. The satellites’ aim is to gather AIS transmissions from all the vessels that are with their field of view.

Products that ExactEarth provides to its customers


exactAIS® secures a global ability for tracking all AIS-equipped ships just through using exactEarth’s satellite constellation and global network of stations positioned on the ground. As exactEarth obtain AIS messages at their data processing centre in Canada, and forward these messages immediately to their users through a secure internet link. The messages are secured in 1 of some industry standard formats which are compatible with most existing AIS display technologies. exactAIS sends the data securely, quickly and constantly, giving the chance to ist customers to monitor any area of the planet for marine traffic like never before. exactEarth processes and distribute all obtained AIS messages its customers’ Area of Interest (AOI) securing them with MMSI, Vessel Position, Vessel Course and Vessel Speed. All needed information is also time-stamped and secured with every message.

In addition to full worldwide coverage, exactAIS finds many times more ships in compare to any other system, covering thousands of different ships in a single pass. Utilizing their patented processing system, exactEarth can provide their users with bettered data giving them the opportunity to make take decisions for security, marine traffic management, environmental and safety applications.

ExactAIS Viewer

For users that are interested in assessing exactAIS without integrating the data feed into their operational display systems, exactEarth secures a monitoring tool which is web-based, named exactAIS Viewer. This is a web-based application that allows the users to view all current ship positions provided by the exactAIS system and plots them on a familiar set of GIS map layers to improve the viewing experience. Customers might selectively filter the display to only vie vessels or regions of interest all over the world and also secures familiar navigational controls. Access to the exactAIS Viewer system is secured by exactEarth through a web browser URL together with login credentials. A sample view is secured below:

Users might view their ship positions from the most recent twenty-four hour time interval together with a five day historical track for every ship (if available) and might also perform the following functions:

  • Global navigation
  • Zoom in/out
  • View Target Information
  • Monitor a specific Target
  • Filter the display to tight targets of interest
  • Pre-loaded filters by Vessel Type
  • Custom filters
  • Bookmarking of frequently accessed regions
  • Download a selected ship’s track of all position reports for the last fourteen days
  • Generate a Vessel List report of all vessels currently visible
  • Statistics on number of vessels in view, Region of Interest, Filtered and Global

ExactAIS Premium

exactAIS Premium system includes terrestrial-based AIS information in order to secure the most full global AIS system in the market today. In relation with exactEarth’s Satellite constellation, users might obtain a full and accurate record of all ship movement regardless of their position.

exactAIS Premium secures the most comprehensive record of

AIS ship movements

on a worldwide scale, delivered as a single integrated data system. With access to this Premium information service, users might promptly integrate this data into their operational and analytical softwares with ease and get instant access to exactAIS Premium’s rich data set for their ship tracking aims.

Features of Premium Service:

  • Currently-available exactAIS Satellite based service
  • Integration of terrestrial-based global AIS information
  • Data refreshed on an hourly basis
  • Multiple information delivery options:
    • Streaming data feed through a secure connection to exactEarth’s Data Processing Center,
    • or:
    • Through data files and placed on the exactEarth secure FTP site for customer retrieval
    • Data which is accessible in multiple formats, like
      • NMEA (No timestamps)
      • NMEA V4.0 (Includes timestamps)
      • XML
      • Google Earth KML
      • CSV

Benefits to exactEarth’s customers:

  • Ease integration of global AIS data
  • Removes need to deconflict AIS data from multiple sources
  • Prosecution for illegal actions or movements e.g. illegal ballast water exchange
  • Better data for planning and decision-making e.g. impact analysis
  • Safety analysis and incident prevention
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Improved Environmental protection
  • Improved Vessel Modeling for Behavior Prediction
  • Modeling of Seasonal Traffic Changes