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Ship tracking by Boloomo Shipping

Boloomo-Shipping (BLM-Shipping) is occupational shipping software that provides e-solution, daily tools, and information services for shipping companies and worldwide shipping practitioners. BLM-Shipping is based on a variety of e-maps, worldwide coverage AIS data, which provides real-time and historical ship tracking service; Make use of smart and efficient algorithms to secure voyage tools for estimating the distance, route design, destination plan, and monitoring; Provide information service for ports, vessels, terminals, companies, tide, marine meteorology. Further more, BLM-Shipping integrates with unified communication to secure you with a high-efficiency and low cost information sharing and interacting platform.

Boloomo Shipping vessel tracking system

Vessel tracking features:

  • Live vessel positions
  • Retrieve historical vessel movements
  • Calculate destination voyage
  • Statistics and Analysis of vessel sum
  • Real-time AIS filtering
  • SMS & E-mail notifications
  • Fleet management
  • Port traffic & Vessel movements

Boloomo-Shipping database includes information for more than 390,000 vessels, 120,000 vessel details, and about 140,000 ship photographs. The reliable information covers all vessel types, the data about size, hold, equipment, and certification of vessel are displayed graphically.

Boloomo Shipping system

BLM-Shipping database contains massive shipping company and manager information. Near 300,000 shipping companies contains vessel owner, vessel operator, service provider, terminal and berth operator etc. It contains more than 150,000 shipping company contacts and 2,000 shipping company online buddies. Boloomo’s database also contains more than 50,000,000 port distances from a port to other ports all around the world so that you can compute port distance include port to port distance, coordinate to port distance, and coordinate to coordinate distance.

BLM-Shipping provides comprehensive port information of more than 5,000 ports worldwide and includes port VHF, port 5-days wheather forecasts and port real-time whether, port berth list, port operation conditions etc.

BLM-Shipping provides data for tropical cyclones, included typhoons, and hurricanes. With it you can track the cyclone movements, raises historical track, and study the latest forecast. It also provides both tide table and tide charts. You can obtain tide data of about 1 year tide predictions from 8,000 tide stations worldwide, and real-time tide of more than 2,000 tide stations – Boloomo Shipping.